Horse Assisted Well-being

horses assisting humans

Our Programs


All our programs include an introduction to our Equine Herd (co-facilitators) and together we will develop a plan based on your goals and needs.

Examples of Programs based on the Equine Psychotherapy Institute model include:

  • Introductory Program: duration 1 – 2 hours
  • Connection Program: duration Half Day
  • Mindfulness Program: duration Full Day
  • Horse Wisdom Program: duration: 7 x 1 – 2 hour Sessions

This model offers equine experiences that may include meet the herd, unstructured experiences, share with the horse, leading and boundary experiments.

At Horse Assisted Wellbeing we provide group facilitation including families and work teams.

All our programs are specifically tailored as part of your plan. Together we will determine the number of sessions, duration, frequency and format.


Experience the power of healing like no other in the presence of our beautiful horses. Meet our strong, trusting and friendly equines. Our goal is to help you along your journey to find balance, to experience self-love and to overcome limitations in a relaxing, fun and incredibly supportive environment.


A 22 year old beautiful Grey Arab. 
He loves people and has a calming influence.


An 8 year old Clydesdale cross Thoroughbred.
He is a gentle giant with a curious nature, which is both inquisitive and mischievous.


A 14 year old Palomino with a background in Cattle work.
He is a very handsome horse and has a very quiet and trusting nature.


A 14 year old Clydesdale cross Arab.
She is the lead mare with a strong personality.


A Medicine Hat Pony with lovely blue eyes.
She was rescued from the sale yards but now enjoys a scratch and cuddle.


A handsome pony who loves his food.
After a strict weight loss regime he now enjoys running around the paddock with buddies China and Eeyore.


A cheeky donkey. He adores his paddock mate China and loves interacting with people and people have reported he has a unique healing energy.